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Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Marlon Wayans offends at MTVMAMA2014..or does he?

So the MTV African Music Awards were held over the weekend in beautiful Durban and Marlon Wayans was the host. Many people are up in arms over the fact that he was chosen to host the event instead of an African (an African African as opposed to an American African). Certainly, these are the MAMAs and a purely African host would have appealed to the masses in Africa. However, at the same time we need to remember this was an international event viewed all around the world. MTV needed someone who was recognisable by the target market world over.

Marlon at the MTV African Music Awards 2014
There is also heaps of shade being thrown in his direction for making what some are calling "blatantly ignorant African jokes that angered many". Whilst I see the point of people preferring to have had an African African host the awards, I quite amused at those who thought he was being offensive. In my opinion, he was actually trying to do exactly the opposite. He even said the point of those funny clips was to try and eradicate the ridiculous stereotypes that Americans especially and the world at large have about what Africa is like. People need to keep in mind that Marlon IS a comedian and he did express himself in the best way he knows how. I think the people who are up in arms did not actually understand what the point of the clips he did with the various African celebs was. Quite frankly I think it was really funny and at the same time eye opening for those people around the world who were watching the awards. People need to THINK outside the box! It is unfortunate that even now, in 2014, there are people out there who are so ignarant and uneducated that they think here in Africa, we still run around naked swinging from tree to tree and riding around on lions. That is, I think, there stereotype Marlon was trying to address. Like my friend Tits (yes Tits) and I always say, for one to understand jokes, they need to have a certain level of intellect! What do you guys think? Are those that are offended justified or nah?