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Thursday, 8 August 2013

A little cream in my coffee ;)

So people in the office were discussing this whole race issue in America because of the Zimmerman trial and then of course the recent "harmonised" Zimbabwe elections triggered a white people vs black people conversation. Somehow during the course of the discussion, the issue of interracial relationships was brought up. "Would you date a white guy?" someone asked. My answer is yes, I would. Why? Because as far as I'm concerned, they are just people like me. I know some people though who might be horrified at the prospect. Some will call me names and some will say that I'm trying to be white blah blah blah. Ignorant idiots. For others though, their alarm might be genuine. Racism is real out there and a good number of people, especially those a generation or two ahead of mine, may have had bad experiences with white people and indeed other races.

However, I am grateful for the way that I was brought up. My parents and other elders taught me that people are people and it's what inside that counts. I then went to a mixed race nursery school, junior school and high school. My circle of friends is made up of black, white, coloured and Indian people. My parents also had a mixed race circle of friends so for me, dating outside your race is not such a big deal. I remember I went to my high school leavers dance with a white guy and my parents didn't bat an eyelash! (Yes, please, those who remember that night please do NOT comment on this post  hehehehe).

Back to the story at hand. All the ladies in my office said they would date a white guy and some have already done so. The guys however weren't too keen on dating a white girl. The white dude said he had dated a black girl before so he has no issues with it. I carried over the discussion to my girlfriends and no one had any qualms with dating outside their race (although everyone agreed dating Asians was a bit of a stretch)! 

A real concern though was the impact the difference in culture would have on such a relationship. It's different if a white American guy and a black American girl hook up. For both of them, their first language is likely to be English and the difference in their day to day lives is most probably only the colour of their skin. Now, if I was to be in a relationship with lets say, a British guy, it would be slightly different. Yes, we can communicate well and yes, we could have the best relationship ever. That said though, I wouldn't be able to express myself or speak to him in my mother tongue which is Shona. There are just some things that are better said in your mother tongue! Calling him "shewe" wouldn't mean anything to him. (Imagine saying "sir" to your white husband, he'd look at you like "huh?") However, say "shewe" to a Shona guy or "baba" to a Ndebele guy and see how they react. You can basically get anything you want out of them :). Having said that, I think this is where that love conquers all stuff comes in. 

Naturally, with the girls, the conversation quickly degenerated (and I use the term loosely lol) to how cute a white guy has to be for us (us being my girlfriends and I not black girls in general) to date him. We seem to be cursed though in Zimbabwe because like 99% of the white guys here look like farmers or game rangers!! Where are the Zimbabwean versions of Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Man of Steel, the Immortals) ?? Henry is hawwwt. Sizzling. That British accent does things to me. The Lord sure is wise. He put continents and oceans between me and him because I'm telling you, I would do unspeakable things to this man. If he was married, I would wreck his home like a gatdamn tornado and have no remorse whatsoever. That is all! 

*smacking lips together*


Ok, I'll give you all a moment of silence to appreciate Henry...

Right, once you've wiped off the drool that is now all over your keyboard, we can move to Matt Bomer. I need one of these in my life! Too bad he prefers the boys! But he's still yummy to look at. Totally love him in White Collar!

Le sexy Matt Bomer

Now. You all have to admit Justin Timberlake is a great musician. And he's hella sexy too. So in love with Love Stoned. I think he's just too delicious in that vid.

Interracial relationships are definitely not a walk in the park. There are still some bigots who think their race is better than others and as such do not accept any "jungle fever". I have a friend happily married to a white guy and they have two beautiful children. She says her husbands family was more accepting of their relationship than hers and she actually feels more comfortable living in Ireland than she does here as people don't stare at them there as much as they do here.

I can understand why people would stop and stare at an interracial couple....if this was like 1980 or something. But we are in 2013 for goodness sake. Get with the programme. If you don't like other races, then fine, that's your choice, but don't ridicule, abuse and downright demonise those that have no problems with it. We have more real things to worry about. Global warming. Conflict in the middle East. Inflation. Crime. The fact that Beyonce cut her hair/weave even (let me not start on that)!

I just hope that when I have children, their generation won't really care what colour your skin is. It's what's in your head and heart that matters. 

Imagine the positive changes on society that one shift in thinking would have?