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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Animal farm...

"Some animals are more equal than others". So goes the famous line from George Orwell's popular book Animal Farm. This phrase popped into my head after reading a few minutes ago that Dudu Manhenga has been released on a $200, yes a $200 bail. For those reading this from outside Zimbabwe, Dudu Manhenga is a popular Zimbabwean jazz musician. Three years ago, she ran over and killed a motor cyclist...whilst driving alone with only a learner's licence. For whatever reason, (I assume the State was gathering evidence), the case only went to trial this month and she was sentenced to 18 months in prison. 

Now, here is where most people have issues with this whole scenario. First, if this had been some ordinary Tom, Dick or Harry, I'm sure they would have been arrested, charge and incarcerated within months of the incident occurring. Secondly, they would have gotten a hell of lot more time than 18 months too! Third, to top it all off, she has just gotten bail for $200! I'm no lawyer but this is just not right. Not right at all. I don't think the law should be selective. For every action there is is a consequence. It should not matter who you are or what you do. What message does this send out to society? As long as you're popular enough or have enough money, you can, quite literally as in this case, get away with murder? My other big concern is what message this sends out to the family of the deceased man? That they don't matter? That the unlawful death of their relative is so insignificant that it does not warrant the full wrath of the law? Listen, I'm quite sure it was an accident for noone wakes up in the morning and says, "Hey, let me go knock down some people on the road today". It was an accident and accidents do happen. I can actually imagine the horror Dudu must have felt when she realised she had knocked someone down and worse still when he passed on. But she was in the wrong. She made a choice to go out driving, unsupervised when she knew full well she was not licenced to do so.

Dudu Manhenga
I'm quite shocked at the way some people think though. I've been following several threads on Twitter and Facebook on this story. Someone has the audacity to say Dudu is the victim. Really? REALLY? Wow. Last time I checked she was alive, kicking and going home to her family whilst the actual victim is 6 feet under somewhere. The way I see it is this. Due to questionable laws and processes, I would not be surprised if she gets let off the hook i.e. does not spend anymore time in prison. But you know what? If she is a normal human being, with a normal thought process, and a shred of a conscience, she will be in her own prison for a long, long time. A man died due to her actions. A woman is now a widow and children fatherless. Someone has lost a brother, an uncle, a son, a friend. She took a life. I don't ever want to know that feels like. Personally, I think this is the kind of incident that can drive a person mad. That is something that will always be hanging over her head. Always. This case has the same sort of unpleasant odour as the Zimmerman case.

My prayers go out first to the Millward family. I pray they find peace even though justice may not be carried out. I also pray they find it in their hearts to forgive Dudu as forgiveness will be more for their own good than for hers (Even if she goes to prison forever, that will still not bring back the dead). I also pray for Dudu herself. That this tragic situation may somehow have a positive life lesson for her and that she can also forgive herself. Lastly, I pray for our legal system. They just need to get their sh*t togther, pull up their effin socks and get with the program. #ThatIsAll

Friday, 6 September 2013

Customer Service in Zimbabwe

I had quite an interesting incident happen last week. I have been quite busy and hadn't had time to go to the bank in quite a bit. Now since I am a priority banker (let's call it that for if I say the actual name they give to priority bankers then you will know which bank it is), I had to drive a few kilometres outside the CBD where I work just to get to the bank. Like I said before, I hadn't been to the bank for a bit so I had not a cent to my name (actually, I had $3 to be exact) and my car was very low on fuel. I also had to get a sizable amount of cash as I couldn't do any online transactions due to the fact that this particular bank's online services have been down for quite sometime. Imagine my shock and horror when I get to the teller, confidently pass my debit card to her and get told "Oh, hatina cash" (We don't have cash). I actually did a little laugh because I honestly thought she was joking. No cash? NO CASH?? She went on to tell me that people were holding on to cash because there were fears of the Zim Dollar coming back blah blah blah. As far as I am concerned, this is NOT a good enough reason for a branch set aside for priority bankers not to have cash. I don't mean to sound like a snob or anything but surely they should be able to bend over backwards to make sure they do not inconvenience their allegedly high net worth customers. Apparently, all the two tellers had between them was $190. I ended up taking $100 because I really had to fuel my car. I then went to two of the said bank's ATMs and guess what? Nothing. One can imagine my frustration at this point. I was practically pulling out my hair! I decided to use my Mastercard at one of the Barclays ATMs. I got the full amount I wanted in crisp, brand new sequential notes. Sweet. The bank charges for using my Mastercard however, were not so sweet!

I was still rather peeved by the whole incident the next morning and so posted something about my frustrations with this bank on my personal Facebook page. I also tagged the bank in question in my post, hoping to get some sort of reaction from them. A discussion then started on my wall about which was the better bank for me to move to. I did get a reaction from my bank but not quite what I was hoping for. The call was from one of the higher echelons of the bank. For the first few seconds of the conversation I was like, oh cool, at least they are apologising for the inconvenience. Then suddenly it kind of shifted to it wasn't really necessary for me to tarnish the image of the bank like that on such a public forum and there was even a suggestion I remove my post. Really? REALLY? To be honest, I actually did feel bad for sometime. Maybe I had taken it too far I thought, maybe it really wasn't necessary to do what I had done.I almost deleted the post too. But then I thought no. I will not take it down and I sure as hell am not the one tarnishing the image of your bank. You are doing that all by yourself by providing substandard service. Period. Zimbabweans are so used to bad service that if anyone dares complain, they are somehow made out to be the bad guy.

There are so many, so many examples of terrible service in this country. Recently I called our national airline just to find out what days and times they had an evening flight to Joburg from Harare. I still don't know because I was told to hold on like a million times and more often that not the line went dead while I was still holding. So I had to go back to British Airways even though I wanted to support our national airline.

Then today my workmate found a roach in her pizza. Of course as the self proclaimed "customer service popo" I immediately took the below pic and posted it on the Facebook page. I am pleased to say the Operations Manager for this pizza chain was very professional, called, apologised and offered some recompense. I'd like to believe heads will roll at the pizza outlet and such occurances will be avoided in the future. None of this "you are tarnishing the company's image by posting your issues on Facebook". 

New roach flavoured pizza topping

I absolutely love and adore my country and am a greater supporter of the whole "buy Zimbabwean" concept. However, we still have a long way to go as far as putting the customer first is concerned. Businesses and individuals need to realise and accept that it is a customer's RIGHT to complain about poor/unfair service. It is not overracting. It is not a personal vendetta. It is not attention seeking. As a customer, I am PAYING you for a product or service therefore it is my RIGHT to get what I deem a great product/service. If I don't get what I want, I can make as much noise as I want until you get your house in order. 

Let us strive to make our customer's experiences as pleasant and pain free as possible. After all, a happy customer is a repeat customer and I honestly don't know which business would not want that!

Thursday, 8 August 2013

A little cream in my coffee ;)

So people in the office were discussing this whole race issue in America because of the Zimmerman trial and then of course the recent "harmonised" Zimbabwe elections triggered a white people vs black people conversation. Somehow during the course of the discussion, the issue of interracial relationships was brought up. "Would you date a white guy?" someone asked. My answer is yes, I would. Why? Because as far as I'm concerned, they are just people like me. I know some people though who might be horrified at the prospect. Some will call me names and some will say that I'm trying to be white blah blah blah. Ignorant idiots. For others though, their alarm might be genuine. Racism is real out there and a good number of people, especially those a generation or two ahead of mine, may have had bad experiences with white people and indeed other races.

However, I am grateful for the way that I was brought up. My parents and other elders taught me that people are people and it's what inside that counts. I then went to a mixed race nursery school, junior school and high school. My circle of friends is made up of black, white, coloured and Indian people. My parents also had a mixed race circle of friends so for me, dating outside your race is not such a big deal. I remember I went to my high school leavers dance with a white guy and my parents didn't bat an eyelash! (Yes, please, those who remember that night please do NOT comment on this post  hehehehe).

Back to the story at hand. All the ladies in my office said they would date a white guy and some have already done so. The guys however weren't too keen on dating a white girl. The white dude said he had dated a black girl before so he has no issues with it. I carried over the discussion to my girlfriends and no one had any qualms with dating outside their race (although everyone agreed dating Asians was a bit of a stretch)! 

A real concern though was the impact the difference in culture would have on such a relationship. It's different if a white American guy and a black American girl hook up. For both of them, their first language is likely to be English and the difference in their day to day lives is most probably only the colour of their skin. Now, if I was to be in a relationship with lets say, a British guy, it would be slightly different. Yes, we can communicate well and yes, we could have the best relationship ever. That said though, I wouldn't be able to express myself or speak to him in my mother tongue which is Shona. There are just some things that are better said in your mother tongue! Calling him "shewe" wouldn't mean anything to him. (Imagine saying "sir" to your white husband, he'd look at you like "huh?") However, say "shewe" to a Shona guy or "baba" to a Ndebele guy and see how they react. You can basically get anything you want out of them :). Having said that, I think this is where that love conquers all stuff comes in. 

Naturally, with the girls, the conversation quickly degenerated (and I use the term loosely lol) to how cute a white guy has to be for us (us being my girlfriends and I not black girls in general) to date him. We seem to be cursed though in Zimbabwe because like 99% of the white guys here look like farmers or game rangers!! Where are the Zimbabwean versions of Henry Cavill (The Tudors, Man of Steel, the Immortals) ?? Henry is hawwwt. Sizzling. That British accent does things to me. The Lord sure is wise. He put continents and oceans between me and him because I'm telling you, I would do unspeakable things to this man. If he was married, I would wreck his home like a gatdamn tornado and have no remorse whatsoever. That is all! 

*smacking lips together*


Ok, I'll give you all a moment of silence to appreciate Henry...

Right, once you've wiped off the drool that is now all over your keyboard, we can move to Matt Bomer. I need one of these in my life! Too bad he prefers the boys! But he's still yummy to look at. Totally love him in White Collar!

Le sexy Matt Bomer

Now. You all have to admit Justin Timberlake is a great musician. And he's hella sexy too. So in love with Love Stoned. I think he's just too delicious in that vid.

Interracial relationships are definitely not a walk in the park. There are still some bigots who think their race is better than others and as such do not accept any "jungle fever". I have a friend happily married to a white guy and they have two beautiful children. She says her husbands family was more accepting of their relationship than hers and she actually feels more comfortable living in Ireland than she does here as people don't stare at them there as much as they do here.

I can understand why people would stop and stare at an interracial couple....if this was like 1980 or something. But we are in 2013 for goodness sake. Get with the programme. If you don't like other races, then fine, that's your choice, but don't ridicule, abuse and downright demonise those that have no problems with it. We have more real things to worry about. Global warming. Conflict in the middle East. Inflation. Crime. The fact that Beyonce cut her hair/weave even (let me not start on that)!

I just hope that when I have children, their generation won't really care what colour your skin is. It's what's in your head and heart that matters. 

Imagine the positive changes on society that one shift in thinking would have?

Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Zimbabwe Elections 2013

If someone had asked me if I was going to vote just one week ago, my answer was going to be no. Quite frankly I didn't see the point. People have voted in this country numerous times and nothing has really changed. The results are always more or less the same. Results come out, people make a fuss for a day or two and then it's life back to business as usual.

I will be honest. I thought to myself, what reason really do I have to go and vote. What really do I want to change or need to change in this country? I have a good job, better salary than many, a nice car. I live with my mom so rent is not an issue for me. I have full medical aid cover, I can afford to go on annual holidays. Water and electricity problems? I have a water tank and a generator. So really, I couldn't care less either way right? Really selfish I know. But like I said, I'm being honest. And if a lot of apathetic Zimbabweans also want to be honest, they will admit that is exactly what they think as well.

However, something happened to change my mind. Last Sunday, I was sitting in my Services Marketing class. Now, the place where we have our lessons is along Samora Machel Ave, on the way to the National Sports Stadium where one of the two main political parties was holding a major rally. My classmates and I could hear people on their way to the rally, singing and chanting and making a hell of a noise. Quite honestly we were a bit scared lest we get rounded up and get forced to to the rally. However, upon leaving class and cautiously driving out, nothing of the sort happened. People affiliated with that party were happily going about their business on their way to the rally. There was no violence or bullying on the road as I had expected.  In short, as far as I know, it was PEACEFUL.

Zimbabwe's two main political parties holding their respective rallies this past week.

The next day, Monday, the entire CBD was a sea of red all the way up to the open space near the Show Grounds. The other major political party was also having it's final major rally. I tell you these people were everywhere and marching throughout the CBD. I'm sure a lot of shop owners closed their shops for fear of vandalism but guess what? Again, it was PEACEFUL. These were just people expressing their political preference.

Those two incidences got me thinking. What really makes thousands of people leave their, jobs, their homes to come and march in the streets? To attend rallies? There is obviously something that is pushing these people to do this, regardless of ones political affiliation. Yes, I may be relatively economically better of than other people but is this the case with everyone in my country? Far from it. I take for granted a lot of things that other people do not have. Basic things too. Year after year, people put their trust in their party of choice because of one thing. Hope. Emily Dickinson (an American poet) said this of hope:

“Hope is the thing with feathers 
That perches in the soul 
And sings the tune without the words 
And never stops at all.” 

Hope is something that will never die. Hope is what drives people to take to the ballot box year after year. When I think about it now, I feel rather disappointed in myself. I almost let my fellow countrymen down by not going to vote. I do not live in this country alone. Zimbabwe is not mine alone. There are those who need a positive outcome from these elections much more than I do. What about my children (when I have them hehehe)? What kind of Zimbabwe do I want them to inherit from me? How will the ideal Zimbabwe come about if I do not do something to make sure it is ready for them? I realised that when I vote, I do not just vote for myself. I carry the dreams of those who fought to liberate this country on my shoulders. I carry the hopes of Zimbabweans who are unable to vote for various reasons. It is my responsibility to future generations. It is my responsibility to myself!

My fellow Zimbabweans, if you have not voted yet, you still have three hours to go. Stand up, be counted  and make history! You cannot claim to love your country whilst you do nothing to mould Zimbabwe into the ideal you wish to it to be!

I voted!

Viva Zimbabwe!

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Meagan Good's BET Awards Dress

Right. I am honestly quite sick and tired of people abusing the Biblical "Do not Judge". It has become synonymous with keep quiet and just watch everyone doing whatever they want, however they want, whenever. After all, it's their lives so to hell with rules, regulations, guidelines, morals and anything really that serves to make human beings a sane race. God forbid you should point out that someone has done or said something inappropriate or just downright wrong. You will be bombarded with "who are you to judge?", "are you perfect?", "leave them alone", "it's their life" and a whole barrage of attacks on your person. Why doesn't the world just become one big melee of screaming banshees yeah? (Actually, that’s where we are, more or less!)

No one ever bothers to point out the verses in the same Bible (Proverbs 27:17, Matthew 18:15-17, James 5:16 etc.) that DO actually say we should look out for each other and correct each other, not out of maliciousness, but for our own good.

Anyway, I’m not a preacher and not here to preach so let’s talk a bit about the dress Meagan Good wore to the BET Awards to present the Gospel Award. Below is the controversial dress. 

Now if Rihanna or Miley Cyrus or even some video vixen had worn this, no one would have batted an eyelid. If Meagan wasn’t a pastor’s wife SHE still could have worn it and no one would have had anything to say. But come on Meagan, you are now a pastor’s wife and surely, surely you understand that that position comes with a little more responsibility. I’m not saying pastor’s wives or Christians for that matter can’t dress sexy. Sexy is good. Sexy can be done. That dress though is not sexy. It’s just plain tacky.

Now I’m not with the crew that’s attacking her person and talking about her past blah blah blah. I don’t even think wearing that dress makes her any less of a Christian. I just hope someone she trusts and respects will sit her down and point out why, as a pastor’s wife, she needs to think twice before donning any old ensemble. Judging from her response on Twitter, she obviously doesn't understand why people are fussing and seems thinks people are just hating (and yes, haters are many). Meagan is pretty. She can still be very sexy but respectable. It’s not just about her anymore. She needs to realise everything she does from now on will reflect on her pastor husband. I just hope she realises that dress was a bad choice.

That is all.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Celebrity Role Models

I’ve just been reading on about all the flack this British author is getting for writing a damning article about Rihanna and how she is negatively influencing young girls. Liz Jones wrote that Riri has no qualms about publicly showing the fact that she loves smoking weed, has like a zillion tattoos, glamorises guns, promiscuity and for me, the worst one, going back to Chris Brown (for a time) who had previously beat her black and blue. Of course Riri had a snide response to the article and basically told Liz Jones that she was “jealous of her money” and to sod off. That response was all well and good and only to be expected from Riri. But where I totally disagree with her is where she says, “...“Role Model” is not a position or title that I have ever campaigned for, so chill wit dat!”  Errrmmm, no Riri, no. Once you decide to become a public figure, you inevitably become a role model whether that is your intention or not. It is not something that is "forced" upon you or something you can say “Nah, I’ll pass”. It comes with the territory so YOU need to “chill wit dat”.

What I found even more surprising were the number of comments supporting Rihanna and saying that she really should not answer to anyone or bear some sort of responsibility towards her young fan base. Now don’t get me wrong. I don’t have anything against Riri. I loooove me some Riri music.  In fact, Unapologetic is playing in my car as we speak. However, I am 32 and not 16 or even 22, so it is highly unlikely that I will put her on a pedestal and want to be like her “when I grow up”. I will not want to dress, act or behave like her. I am a woman who has come into her own and to me she is just another artist and to be forgotten about as soon as I switch off my radio. That is not the case with the tweens and teens that make up the bulk of her fan base. Whether she or anyone else likes it or not, she IS a role model!

Someone commented on this story and said, “Role models are parents, family members and community leaders. It’s sad when we as a society encourage our children to look up to complete strangers! The problem is with us not her. If I ALLOW my teen, child, niece or whoever to look up to Rihanna instead of living my life as an example for her to look up to then I have failed”. I totally agree with what he/she said. A child’s foundation, mentally, psychologically, spiritually etc is the responsibility of its parents, family members and community leaders. We are the ones that need to make sure that our children have enough self-worth to know what is right and what is wrong. However, that sure as hell does not mean that artists like Rihanna can think they do not have any influence on young children. As I said before, if you are a public figure then you automatically become some sort of influential role model. Rihanna didn’t just become famous because she was singing to rocks and pebbles. It’s her fans, her YOUNG fans that made her! Whether she likes it or not, they do look up to her to a certain extent. If you don’t want that responsibility, then don’t go looking for fame or at the very least, don’t live your life publicly and post everything about your life for all to see on Twitter or Instagram!

That is all.

Thursday, 30 May 2013

Pokello Nare: Why the hatred Zimbos??

Ok, so, I have exams in like 3 days and I'm knee deep in E-Marketing and Corporate Governance notes, but tjo! I just had comment about this utterly amazing venom that is being spewed left right and centre about Pokello Nare, the Zimbabwean female representative in Season 8 of Big Brother Africa. Haters even have enough time to make up and entire Facebook page called Bring Pornello Home. Lol! Peeps have time yo! Not only that, I've just checked out the page and it has 4,374 likes! Having gone through the posts a bit I realise a lot of those likes are from her supporters who also want to comment on the page.

First of all it's obvious that a lot of these sad people do not actually know the meaning of the word porn. Please can they Google it and educated themselves. Naked people do not equal porn. A man and a woman doing what grown ups do the comfort of their own bedroom (even without the headboard hehehe) does not equal porn. Yes they recorded it and yes the tape leaked. I don't know if that tape really leaked or if it was a publicity stunt but hey, that's not the point here. I'm not a friend of hers and don't know her from a bar of soap but as far as I'm concerned, she is a Zimbabwean first before anything anyone might care to call her and she is repping my country on that show. To me that means I will support her, sex tape or no sex tape, step-daughter of a minister or otherwise, she is a Zimbabwean first!

As a Zimbabwean, she has my vote!

Hanzi heeee she is not the ideal person to send to BBA because of her "questionable" morals. Who did you want to go? Mai Charamba? Or perhaps one of the female gospel artists with a "clean" history? Really? No, really? If it wasn't sad it would be funny to note that 90% of these people who want her to come home are women. PHd sydrome at it's best. I actually think the owner of that page has a serious personal vendetta coz eish, the emotion coming through from some of the posts!! People should not act like they haven't done questionable things in their lives. If everything was known about everyone, we'd be shocked to see Pokello is nothing compared to some of these haters.

In another post someone was whining about how selfish she was because she said if she won she would spend the money on herself and her son. At least she is honest people. None of this "Oh I'm going to save the world and adopt the world's street kids if I win" crap.

The saddest thing for me though is that all this negative energy is coming from fellow Zimbabweans. What image of ourselves does that portray to the rest of Africa and indeed the world? If we can be so cruel to each other then what stops other nationalities from doing worse to us? Where is your patriotism dammit? 

My wish is for Zimbabwe to win this game. Let's not look at it as Pokello or Hakeem but as Zimbabwe winning. (Actually, I think it would be hillarious if Pokello won. Like she said, "Bitches will become believers!" )

Seriously Zimbos ngatikwanei hanti?

Well, my break is over. Back to hitting them books!

Thursday, 9 May 2013

Attack of the Sales People

Ok yes, I know people are out there trying to make a living and all but damn! Sometimes I just feel downright harassed by these people selling stuff. Take the vendors at the traffic lights for example. It is a crime, a CRIME I tell you, to even look in their general direction. Heaven forbid you make eye contact. Before you know it, dude is at your window with his little packets of nuts, or fruit or whatever half way inside your car. I try to shake my head politely and say no thank you. “No” is one word these guys do not understand. My “no” is met with “Haaa, ndokudzikisirai sister” (I’ll lower the price for you my sister) or “It’s just a dollar sister”. I’ll be thinking I don’t care if it’s for free; the point is I don’t want or need whatever you are selling. Sometimes I feel bad though because these are people working hard to make an honest living. They are not out there robbing people or getting involved in various nefarious activities. So I do try to support them where I can.

Use eye contact with caution!!

Then there are the shop assistants in town, especially the ones in the little Nigerian and Chinese shops that have mushroomed all over the CBD. As soon as you set foot in the door, you suddenly have a second shadow. You move, they move. You step to the right, they step to the right. He or she will be walking less than an inch behind you such that any abrupt stopping on your part will result in some very uncomfortable body contact. Awkwaaard! Anything you touch or look at will attract a price revelation from them. “Skirt iyoyo ififteen dollars chete sister.....iwayo matop ma ten dollars”. They are very helpful until they realise you are not actually going to buy anything and then it’s back to standing by door, scouting for their next victim and chatting at the top of their voices. If you leave empty handed, your exit will not be acknowledged at all.

Never ever make the mistake of going to Avondale flea marketing during week days when the stall owners have little or no sales. You have been warned!! People practically want to pull you into their stalls and FORCE you buy their goods! All you hear is “Please sister, come and take a look at what I have”...or... “I have something especially for you”...or... “Tell what you are looking for and I will find it for you”. I’m like calm down people, I’m just whiling up time here, not buying anything! Sometimes asking to look at something and then not buying it will get you with looks that could kill or even occasionally a severe telling off!

My favourites are the Indian shops, especially the fabric shops. You walk in and don’t see anyone except maybe the black dudes that measure out the fabric. You walk around, happily checking out all the merchandise and then, you get that feeling that someone is looking at you. You turn around but see no one. You think you maybe imagining things but you can definitely feel someone’s eyes, following your every move. Then suddenly you look up and there she is. Decked out in her sari she is chilling on the balcony and watching. Watching everyone in her shop. As soon as a sale is made, she magically appears at the counter to receive that cash and then disappears again. Creeepy! 

She'll be watching you like a hawk y'all!

Although they all can be highly annoying (or just really creepy), I do give all these people props for being highly persistent sales people. They wouldn’t survive otherwise. These are the types of people that can definitely sell ice to Eskimos!

Wednesday, 27 February 2013

New Years Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!

Ok, so I know it's like the 27th of February but I've been quite busy. Hope y'all are having a fabulous year though!

New year's resolutions should be banned! They are so totally overrated ! I decided I wasn't going to make any this year because I never actually stick to them. I am quite positive I am not alone either.  I decided that this year, instead of writing down a list of things that I want to do or not do, I'm just going to act. Even I am amazed at the number of thing's I've managed to achieve/start so far and we are only 2 months into the year! 

My motto for this year is acta non verba - Latin for "deeds not words". I realized that my new year's resolution list has been the same for the last several years but very few things had been achieved on that list. Of course one has to have a guideline of what they want to achieve but what's more important is action, action, action. There really is no point in having this list of elaborate things one wants to achieve and nothing is achieved. It is better to set out to do one or two things at a time and actually do them. In a space of let's say five year, you would have achieved a lot.

Life is short. Do as much as you can. Live it to the fullest. Don't procrastinate. If you want to do something, go for it. As I take my last breath on this earth, I want to be happy and satisfied and say Veni Vidi Vici - I came, I saw, I conquered!