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Monday, 5 November 2012

Evolution of the Checklist

This past weekend I was invited to a private party. The who's who in the entertainment industry was there and there was no shortage of eye candy. Of course it was fun flirting with the cute ones and all but that was all it was for me. I wasn't interested in anything else. I wasn't obliging when guys asked for my number. I just wasn't that interested. Ten years ago I would have been positively hyperventilating at the thought of such "talent" all around me. This just reinforced something that I have realized about myself lately. I've grown up. I've grown up and my boyfriend/man checklist has evolved over the years.

It's no longer about the most good looking guy or the richest guy. Looks and money are not everything. Please note, I'm not saying money is not good because it is, it buys shoes for me! Physical chemistry is a must. I want a man that I'm attracted to and can't keep my hands off (especially if he looks like Laz Alonso, I will be all over THAT)...
...but guys this man ka. God was really concentrating when he made him tjo! *drooling* 

But errrm yes, I digress. I've been told I am extremely picky and don't give guys a chance. I'd like to believe I have somewhat changed and matured a bit over the years. With the younger Tina, if you did not look like Laz (yes, you be will hearing a hell of a lot about him in this post so get over it now), drive a good enough car, didn't speak like you went to a private school and if, heaven forbid, you spelt "hi" with an "e", then it was later for you sucker! Now however, my checklist is a little less superficial. What I want and need now is a man I can connect with on an intellectual level. I want need him to seduce me more with his mind than his body and his looks (although if you're Laz, we can skip the mind bit). There are two or so guys I know that I had absolutely no chemistry with whatsoever when I first met them. However, being the mature 31 year old woman that I am, I sucked it up and gave them the time of day. After talking to them over a period of time, I realized hey, these guys are actually really nice people. They have some of the qualities I'd like my husband and baby daddy to have. I started to see them differently too.

Top on my list now is someone who will be my best friend first before anything else. Someone who makes me laugh and understands my sense of humour. A man who will love me for who I am, not try to change me but support and encourage me to be the best me I can be. A mature man please. None of this "oh look at me and my swag". I'm not 17 so I really couldn't give a rats ass about swag and you thinking you're a "boss". I need a man who has vision, knows what he wants in life and how to get it. Someone I can learn from. Someone I can trust. Over the years I've come to realize that guys are not and can never be perfect people just as I am not perfect. They make mistakes and don't always have the answers to everything just like me. This may seem obvious to some but it was quite a revelation to me!

I just want a man who wants to get to know me not because he wants to get into my panties but because he is genuinely interested in me. Oh who am i kidding, we all know the panties is their ultimate goal but you know what I mean. 

I honestly believe that God put off my meeting the man that is perfect for me for this long because if I had met him earlier, I most definitely would not have recognized him nor    given him the time of day. I guess He was waiting for me to grow up and into the woman who will be the perfect partner for the prince charming He has waiting for me in the wings! (Even if it's not Laz!)

P.S. There is no hope for those that spell "hi" with an "e". That is a serious pet peeve of mine!!